Yesterday night I watched a Joni Mitchell’s interview on CBC: the Canadian national television.  Absolutely wonderful: what a treat it has been! She touched all kinds of topics,  both personal and mostly universal. She said, among a million of other things, that if you listen to her music seeing just her life, herself, well in a sense her music has failed. But if you listen to it trying to mirror yourself and your experiences you have certainly reached something… That something will eventually help you to understand a little bit more about yourself… There is a lot of soul searching in her music. And this is, I think, how I’ve always listened to her music, all my life, and sung and played her songs over the years…

Joni is turning 70 this year and on this interview ( great journalist interviewing her ) showed no luck of memory, brightness of ideas and great sense of humour. An incredible human being: so varied, intelligent and full of life. Below is a small collection of Joni images from  the ‘Blue’ period plus some more recent ones including some of her wonderful artwork. A prized possession: an autographed copy of ‘Songs of a praire girl’ from my time spent in BC Canada where I lived for a while near her house…


Joni for me

One thought on “Joni

  1. Joni, your circus piece is way too faublous! I LOVEeeeeeeee your elephant, too. You’re so brilliant. Wanna send some of that creative gold dust my way? :) hee hee

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