A lovely day

The Open day went really well. Lots of people came: at times there was hardly ¬†any time to talk to all of them as much as I wanted… The studio looked as tidy as probably will never be again. It’s good to have to do things like tidying up sometimes. It’s so rewarding and people really appreciate the effort! The house looked beautiful with the fire sizzling all day and ¬†mulled wine flowing warm and festive. It was nice to see all the varied things I do like wooden constructions, textiles, paintings assembled together and how they looked as part of the same world… At times I do forget that! Thanks to all the nice people who came and said nice things about my work and the house. It would be really nice to organize such events more often.

2 thoughts on “A lovely day

  1. I really enjoyed meeting you, and looking at your beautiful work (and your wonderful house!) I have just wrapped up a couple of Doni brooches for my friends’ Christmas presents…
    See you soon!
    From your soon-to-be-neighbour,
    Katie x

  2. It was a real pleasure having you at the open studio! Thanks for buying some of my brooches for your friends, it’s so rewarding when nice people appreciate your work…
    It was such a great day!
    See you very soon for chats and inspiration…