La bottega di Ciro – Raw art

I went to visit my brother in Tuscany, near Florence and while there I went to visit an artist I’ve loved for a long time: Roberto Cipollone or Ciro as he likes to be called after the name of a Persian king.

He creates works of art using abandoned materials he reassembles infusing them with new life. Nails, old sawing tools, coloured tins, wooden boards weathered by time. Everything in his hands is transformed into an original piece. He tries to gather and reveal what the object is in itself, going beyond its original function.

Lately he’s been creating ceramic Raku heads that he uses for the construction of whimsical medieval knight-like figures.
His workplace is full of amazing objects; you could spend hours there exploring.
Here is a video filmed in his studio.

Ciro's works

More Ciro's work

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