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OutsideI’ve been working on new projects involving a lot of stitching and sewing. Sewing is so relaxing and meaningful to me. I really love patterns developing in my hands. When you make something out of cloth it feels like looking through a kaleidoscope with colours and shapes emerging sometime out of nowhere: it’s  the only type of geometry I understand. Really…  It was also time for a bit of spring cleaning. Opening windows, washing old curtains. Domestic life it’s good if it’s for a purpose. Spiders run away now when they see me… They’re tough though and will come back!  The garden looks beautiful. Green and full of black birds. This big bird I made ( hiding behind the foliage) is here to stay. It will never fledge as it was born big, too big for taking off…My new cards are almost ready and I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I’ll post them here very soon.

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