Urban charm

I spent sometime in my old town visiting my mom I hadn’t seen for a whole year. It never happens as I always make time to go and visit her. Not this year though as many things have changed. I live between two places at the moment and summer has been pretty hectic with the b&b in my old house ( keeping two places is really hard work) and trying to be creative with lots of ideas in my head that not always get the attention needed. Ideas, sometimes I find, are like ghosts : you think you see them but they’re mere illusions till you grab them and make them real… The town I grew up has certainly changed, it’s not functioning properly and I found almost everybody I know going through a bad patch. But the place is charming with incredible architecture, unique cusine and blessed with eternal blue skies that almost hurt your eyes. I love going back as I’m an islander at heart after all… Some images below capturing some of it.October-Sicily