HappyHappy is one of the original fabric collages I made recently and is hanging in the sun today. It’s so rare to feel happy but when the sun is shining it gets a little bit easier to feel that tickling inside, so misterious and so volatile…

Natural cards

Set 1Set 2Set 3New cards in the shop¬†today. New designs and since, at the moment, I’m working a lot with the needle and thread I’ve created these patchwork style designs with all natural vintage fabrics and old denim using white felt for each of the lettering. Obviously they’re aimed at new born babies, small children and the everlasting child that’s inside us depicting a mood or a feeling. The bear is a Happy Birthday card and the folk art counting dolls, well they’re just counting… All cards are printed on a really nice paper and come with a lovely kraft paper envelope to complete the natural feel.

Worn out

Like this doll I need rest. This is me ( with a crooked smile and a much wanted perm ) after a long weekend of clearing out my lovely old home and getting it ready for welcoming guests. Tired-doll