A day in London

What do you do in London in a day on a Saturday? Well lots of things and in the end begging for more. Flowers in the trees were in bloom and they were an unusual contrast against the milky sky. Lots of lovely shops selling all sort of things: from beautiful and tasty pastries at Lisboa pastellaria on Golbourne to the wonderful antique shops selling old and interesting furniture. We found a stylish material shop, we really liked, selling great linens and upholstery fabrics at very good prices with inspiring colours and stylish displays. Then down to overpriced Portobello road. Lots of things caught my eye but nothing so special I couldn’t live without… But hey I will go back very soon.London2Linens

Museum visit

Spent a lovely afternoon sketching and wandering through the treasures at Oxford’s Pitt Rivers museum. What a wonderful place! The gothic atmosphere is so unique and so are the specimens and wonderful artifacts from all over the world.  It’s hard to take good pictures as it is quite dark inside.The reindeer’s skeletons below reminded me so much of Jack Skellinton’s disastrous pack on Christmas day… I will go back as there is so much inspiration there, so many things I love. It’s like going to distant places and yet not really going anywhere. Totem-poleBirdsTurtleReindeer

Flying ships

Beautiful short video of Italian aircraft modelling artist Luigi Prina. An 83 year old architect who’s lifetime passion has become a work of art. These ships are pure inspiration and so is the man with his smile and gentle air. It makes me happy. I’m so glad I found out about him…

Good omen

SpringOpen the windows today, left wide open for quite a while. Oxygen, particles of dust filtered through the light. Could it be the beginning of what we call spring? A time of celebration after this long, rainy winter. I’m hopeful for great things to come.

The essence of the forest

The wrong party

Some watercolour sketch from my new project. I love drawing bears, I don’t know why really. I once saw a black  bear from a distance and while walking through a forest in BC Canada I saw their blueberry coloured poop scattered everywhere… It was quite fresh and so I kept weary and alert and it was such a nice feeling to feel their precence.: they are so distinctive and special. They really are the essence of the forest.