The Promise

The-PromiseWonderful book published by Walker books, certainly one of the best current British publishers. The story is simple, incisive and with a very strong ecological message. Bleak cities where people steal, muggers in the dark await you ruthlessy at street corners. Lonely children living in the streets as if it was a normal fact of life. Then an encounter with an old woman which will change everything… Laura Carlin‘s illustrations are absolutely gorgeous with blues, browns and greys and a quality in the drawings original and very personal. When the story takes a more positive turn the illustrations become more colourful without losing the melanchonic air which pervades the book. I wish there were more books like these in UK’s bookshops…

Woodland creatures

Woodland-creaturesWinter is coming really fast. I made these creatures inspired by the beautiful autumnal colours and their hidden creatures. I know they’re there, in their dens stocking up for winter but only magpies and crows are visible these days… You can discover these woolly creatures ┬áin my shop.

Tigger in the forest

We went for a nice walk in the Wychwood forest yesterday and, as if by magic, a collection of very worn toys appeared. Lying on dead leaves, discarded, unwanted but still very sweet. Tigger lurking in a tree was my favourite and this is really how I found it! Seriously, no cheating…Tigger-in-the-woods