Beautiful colours from a Venetian artshop front window. I love these pigments: the way they spread uneven and subtle as if aged through decades touched by hands and rubbed by time.Pigments

The mushroom garden

The-mushroom-gardenMore work.  This time inspired by the weather: its mood swings, electric blues  and the lack of rain … The amazing wonder that seems to be never ending… It’s so beautiful out there!

Károly Reich

The-good-friendsI love this illustration by the Hungarian artist Károly Reich who illustrated many lovely books back in his days. I bought it as a print on a very lightweight paper and I wish I had found the book where it had been taken from.

I love the colours and the way he painted the delicate snowy landscape in the background making those pinks and reds almost vibrate…  I like illustrations like these where the impossible happens such as a close friendship between a fox, a plump little pig and a rabbit. Unheard of!

I think his favourite medium was gouache and this print is currently lying in my studio waiting to be framed.

Ripe and delicious

Cherries-and-strawberriesFinally the strawberries have ripened up nicely. The sun has been strong in these last few days and it only took three days for the berries to be ready to be eaten. The expectations were high but we were not disappointed… Simply lovely: full of flavour and with an indescribable scent of wild strawberries . The strawberry saga will continue…Strawberry--cake


Babushka2A follow up to my small collection of dolls. This one has a Russian theme and it feels a little pensive perhaps. However this is how it came about and it couldn’t be helped much…

Clouds, Sun and new strawberries


Roses in my little garden have finally blossomed in full glory and It’s quite a pretty sight! Although to be honest I always prefer blue skies with not a single  white fluff: such a rare sight these days… Wild strawberries are also coming along nicely and I wander, as I do about this time every year,  how many cakes are we going to make? Last year we made three…New-strawberries