Terre Rare ( Rare earth elements)

It’s been a long time since my last post. I went back to Bologna for a family business and here I am in the Uk where it is grey as usual… No sign of warming up: could it be a sign of a hot summer to come? We all wait in hope…. Anyway. I have some work now in Bologna in a beautiful Art Gallery right in the centre and near the fantastic Piazza Maggiore square. The vibrant and lovely Rosa Biagi owner of Terre Rare, in via De Carbonesi, for those who will venture to the beautiful town of Bologna, has an eclectic collection of ceramics, paintings, beautiful handmade jewellery and other things that crown the beautiful space in a tranquil road. The Gallery will stock some of my cards, prints, my wooden brooches and some wooden art/toys on wheels. I used make these wheely animals many years ago: they all got sold and then I stopped making them. I still don’t know why. It’s so interesting to work on wood, I enjoy the whole process of designing it, aging it, cutting it and finally painting the object with vibrant colours in what I call a revisited Folk art style. I definetely want to start making them again… In a few days I will update my Etsy shop with new things so please  pay it a visit if you can.


Is spring finally here?


Planted these tulip bulbs today in the hope of warmer weather to come. The air feels warmer but there’s still a chill in the air. Funny enough this particular variety of tulips is called Tulipa Pinocchio. They’re the right flowers for me don’t you think?

Of Swedish illustrations and Bologna

Easter in Bologna

Beautiful porticoes in Bologna and gorgeous food shops, a bit overpriced but aesthetically rewarding. Traditional and yet trendy: an irresistible blend.

The magical thing about the book fair this year were the Swedish illustrators. Absolutely beautiful and with a style of their own: light and gentle, soft and sophisticated. What a discovery! I particularly liked Klara Persson‘s book Molly and Sus. A story about two sisters joined together by a very long braid and their natural  separation and independence. Gorgeous illustrations with amazing colours and use of gouache, I think.

Klara Persson

jockum nordström-Ida Björs

jockum nordström and Ida Björs

Day and night

I’m back from a very exhausting trip. As always the book fair in Bologna is a venue worth going to, tiring and exciting. A large window to both contemplate and at times feeling the urge to throw yourself out of it! I met lots of old friends, met some lovely new ones, felt intimidated by the skills of some amazing illustrators… I had really good feedback especially for my fabric artwork which I recently started to work on again… It’s always worth spending ours with my work on my lap stitching away and seeing the image developing before my very eyes.

This image of a sleeping Pinocchio ( from a series of three) was selected for a fun game/competition launched by the wonderful Italian publisher Topipittori. This really is the pyjamas of my dreams: warm and cosy for these cold spring days we’re having! I’ve made two versions of it: a sunny bedroom and a starry night full of dreams… With the help of Photoshop everything is possible! I really like them both though.