New Etsy Shop

After the great success of my Open Studio just before Christmas I’ve decided to reopen my Etsy shop. I ‘m selling my lovely cards, mixed-media wooden pins, original prints and soon some originals. And later who knows: handmade toys and more.

It’s an eclectic collection of my world. My passion for arctic people, colours, texture, illustration and magical things is greatly featured in the range of things I have on Etsy.

Please have a look and let me know what you think and if you like something, buy it : it would make me really happy…


White world

It’s been so strange these last few days: so cold, unusually cold. Beautiful light, everything ‘s so calm and soundlesst. I like snow, the way it piles up in an undisturbed state falling silently and yet effective. The river frozen as if you could almost skate on it…

Northern Hemisphere

Another image set up in the North. I love Inuit art: it must be the time I’ve spent in Vancouver some years ago. I adored those fantastic Art Galleries in Gastown selling original pieces of  Nunavut art. I used to go and dream of buying some of those amazing sculptures or some original Cape Dorset prints. Unfortunately I never did: I know I will one day…

The boat is not a typical Inuit boat but a kind of Welsh coracle ( a traditional boat made of animal skin and willow rods ) a bit of a poetic licence but certainly a personal touch as I live near the Welsh border.

New chapter

A new chapter has just started. New year, new resolutions lots of ideas and new hopes… Let’s welcome this new year with an open heart. Tidying  up my studio and at the moment is a real mess! A little mouse has been eating some of my drawing paper and it’s hiding away from me. Damn!