Happy holidays

A lovely Christmas to you all and may the coming year be full of creative ideas, originality and peace within ourselves. See you soon, a little heavier maybe but surely much wiser…

Swedish Photographer

A friend of mine brought back from Sweden a series of brochures featuring past and future events  in Stockholm and surrounding areas. One of these  events was a retrospective exhibition of photographer Christer Strömholm at the Moderna Museet . The exhibition unfortunately ended in September and I would have  really loved to see his amazing portraits of children in a time long gone. He used to say and I quote: It is the art of SEEING that is the starting point for all creativity… I feel this very strongly in the work I do. These days it’s easy to forget, with our portable tinny cameras, what real photography is and how enduring and beautiful a black and white image can be…

A lovely day

The Open day went really well. Lots of people came: at times there was hardly  any time to talk to all of them as much as I wanted… The studio looked as tidy as probably will never be again. It’s good to have to do things like tidying up sometimes. It’s so rewarding and people really appreciate the effort! The house looked beautiful with the fire sizzling all day and  mulled wine flowing warm and festive. It was nice to see all the varied things I do like wooden constructions, textiles, paintings assembled together and how they looked as part of the same world… At times I do forget that! Thanks to all the nice people who came and said nice things about my work and the house. It would be really nice to organize such events more often.

Open Studio

I will be having an Open Studio next Saturday at my house. It’s the first time I do this over winter but I guess my house, dark and cosy, will be perfect for it. There will be mulled wine flowing, Italian cake for everyone who comes and says hello and the fire will be sizzling all day!

I will be selling original prints, cards, bookmarks, textiles and collages and lots of wooden and felt brooches  I’ve been making these last few weeks. Please come in if you are in the area and if you’re not you could make a special trip of it! It will be a great day and you could visit all the other studios that will be opening on the day, like Linda’s , and pick something original for Christmas to keep or give as a gift.

Well hope to see you on Saturday.