Working on

I ‘m making lots of brooches at the moment. They’re mainly for Christmas and for my shop. As usual I work with felt but this year I’m having a lot of fun with wood and mixed media.

Here is a sneak preview…


I went, on the last day, to this very nice exhibition by the Shropshire yarn group. Woven maps with detailed little houses, vibrant mustard and green patterned landscapes. Lovely medieval images from good old England. You could imagine knights and dragons stepping out of those threads. I met children’s book author/weaver¬†Pauline Fisk¬†who told me how she’d been weaving since the ’70s. What a great talent…. Very inspiring!

Theme Exhibition

I’ve been selected to the 2012 theme exhibition dedicated to Russian tales! Private view is on October 27th at the new Gallery in Sarmede ( near Venice) which, I’ve been told, is going to look amazing. I won’t be going though too much to do…

Here is an image from the 2010 exhibition where the theme was Brazil. I did a strange looking Sloth that I really like. I had some cards made of it and they will be available again on my Etsy shop very soon.

Dancing croc

Dancing to some rhythm or running away from some tedious party. The lights are bright and shining but who wants to be a primadonna.