Deep blues and maiolica tiles

It’s amazing how one colour can have so many nuances. Especially on old, battered surfaces. I love the colour blue of the sea and the reflection of it on everything it touches. Well these images and the memory of it all, I’m sure, will keep me warm on the coming cold winter months.

Mimma’s world

I haven’t posted anything for a while as I have been away for a few weeks. I went to Sicily again visiting old friends and enjoying the great outdoor with blue skies and a very laid back lifestyle.

A good friend of mine took me to a part of Sicily I had never been before: the Madonie. A mountain range ( Sicilian style) crowned by interesting villages where it gets cold in winter and the architecture is a mix between Umbrian stone construction and unusual maiolica tiles conical towers. The stark beauty of the landscape sweetened by the gentleness of its inhabitants. We stayed in the best place we could have stayed: Mimma’s house in a lovely tiny hamlet in the countryside. Mimma’s hospitality was amazing! The place was crowded with plants, flowers with amazing scents and everything was made with love. She had a prickly-pear plantation so we had prickly pears for breakfast, home made cookies and we spent time drinking coffee whilst amaze at her embroidery skills. Even the sugar jar had a cross-stitch label she had embroidered stuck to it! I loved this place!


Balancing act

Life is certainly¬†a balancing act and not always all of your efforts to make things work out are¬†appreciated. Most of all when you’re trying to do your best, with pirouettes and acrobatic moves, swallowing drops of arsenic whilst trying to keep graceful, most people don’t notice and look the other way…