A lovely book found in a flea market the other day illustrated by the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave.  I love this style, the colours and the elements of folk art that she paints with quick brushstrokes adding an interesting flavour to the images.

How does your garden grows

I never really thought myself as a gardener, certainly not. I grew up in a city, we had a few plants in the apartment and some of them eventually died or wilted away. Such a pity when they did… Anyway  I planted some seeds a few months ago and with luck and patience they have emerged and much to my surprise have become lovely flowers with pretty colours and it’s such a pleasure to see them: I’m a so proud! Nature is amazing…

I also planted some ornamental corn which is also growing fast and strong. It still has a long way to go and needs a lot of sunshine. I’m going to plant it on the ground now and crossing my fingers we’ll have some nice corn on the cob at the end of September. We hope anyway…

Fruit collection

I did this collage sometime ago when I was really keen on using a calligraphy pen I bought in a thrift shop. It came with a collection of tips of different ends and I started a series of collages writing things in both English and Italian.

Well this is one of them, it got sold immediately at an exhibition in a fantastic bookshop that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore.