More poultry

This time is a rooster with scraffy old feathers but bright eyes meant for business…

Glorious weather now, the sun is shining and it is very warm! What a change from the last few weeks.

Open studio

I went to Linda‘s open-studio last Saturday and Sunday. The venue was at the fantastic studio in her house in Shrewsbury. She shared the event with fellow artist Jeremy¬†whose metal sculptures were absolutely beautiful and wonderfully crafted and looked great against the backdrop of this romantic setting.

The house and garden were transformed into a friendly art gallery you could wander through taking it all in and being inspired. Linda’s colourful and multitalented design work was at her best : mugs, posters, cards, paper-cuts, original oil paintings… There was live music in the garden and rubber- stamping demonstrations by the lovely Jean.¬†Lots of people with smiles on their faces… Even the sun was shining!


A little painting/collage of a toy elephant on wheels. I like this green and pink colour contrast at the moment, I think it’s soothing.

Still cloudy

Still cloudy, rainy and cold out there… No time for sitting outside, the grass is wet and squeegee and light is almost white. My strawberries are finally doing well and gave us a good crop ( a bit late) enough for a cake to be enjoyed inside though. Super yummy!


I wish I had peacocks in my garden and an everlasting sun…

Here in the Uk it’s been rain, rain, rain and more rain the leitmotiv for the summer so far. We’re so bored with it! Everything is so wet , today it’s got even cold. Probably it’s the perfect time for baking and just be content.

Greens and Sepias

These are really the colours of the land in Italy. Stunning and yet unpretentious, a real surprise: like a special pebble found on a beach amongst millions of insignificant white stones… You take it home and it sits there and sometimes you look at it and remember…

Here more images from my trip.


Beautiful Italy, I spent a few days back home where it was hot, hot, hot! Too hot really to do much but swimming, eating fresh food and enjoying the scenery. It was still very green, gorgeous contrasts in the land : greens and sepias are a constant feature in the Italian landscape where sometimes, especially in the medieval villages it can get a bit too dark and gloomy… I like it though, those villages perched almost impossibly on top of the world, secluded, almost forgotten by the crowds and yet welcoming, at least to me…