Big bird, little house

So many birds out there. Swirling and stopping, always looking for something… Well something to eat. And how much do they eat!

This is my big bird on steroids that landed in my garden…


Sleepy owl

I did this collage of an owl just waking up. I love owls, they’re fun to paint. The only thing I  find difficult to accept is that they eat mice. I’m very fond of mice…

I might start a series of owls doing things, it could be one of my summer resolutions.


The nut, the judge and the soldier

I renamed this painting ” The incredible army of Brancaleone” after a ’60 film with the same title. The term Armata Brancaleone is still used today in Italian to define a group of badly assembled people. Well these are not exactly people but a weird bunch of animals that for some reasons of their own are floating together on a boat.

I tried to give them a professional profile ( the cat could be a barrister and would have looked good with one of those curly wigs on ) or a state of mind but I’ll leave that to your imagination…

Well I played, as usual, with textures and paint on a thick watercolour paper taking inspiration from Inuit art and so I came up with this.