Prickly things

Cacti collectionPlants and pots

I’m finding myself drawn to prickly plants these days like cacti. I bought one then another and now I have a few on my studio’s window sill… I’m running out of space.

I love the shapes so much that i did a couple of small very colourful illustrations. I almost never use so much colour, well this time I had to. The weather here has been amazing, too good to be true. The light, the warmth, the pleasure of having breakfast outside with the sun on your face. You feel so happy and content as if this will last forever… Well maybe it was far too distracting…


I’ve made this picture, very simple, inspired by the Italian race car driver Tazio Nuvolari. He was called ” The greatest driver of the past, the present and the future”.

He won many races and I imagined him as a child driving one of those tin toy cars and dreaming of doing something he was actually happy to do in his life, unlike going to school everyday or eating mom’s cooked vegetables…

Puppet frogs

I’ve made this little frog- figure; it’s about 7” tall ( 17 cm). I’ve transferred an image from a character of my book ‘ Ranocchi nel fango‘ onto fabric and then created a puppet like free- standing creature.

It’s got wire inserted in the limbs, which are made of felt, so you can adjust it to the pose you want it to be.

His companion, a lady frog,  is on its way dressed up in a gorgeous aquamarine dress…

If you like one of these frogs made please let me know and I’ll make you one.


I’ve been experimenting with colours and textures trying to be quick so to get some freshness, almost sketch like, into the painting.

Bears are a favourite subject of mine, especially black bears. These, I think, would be psychedelic polar bears like seen them through filter lens.

Russian folk tales

I painted two images for an exhibition. There is a selection and I hope to go through.

The theme is Russian folk tales. Folk tales are one of my passions and I have many books on the subject from all over the world. It was hard to choose which story to illustrate. It’s always an interesting exercise to see what comes out of your imagination.

Sweets for a grey day

It is so dull these days, no colour no contrast. Only overcast sky, wet birds nesting pulling out numerous fat worms from the ground. They’re real fun to watch.

Afternoon teas, a British institution, are a must. We found a fantastic Indian sweet shop selling these delicious cakes: pistachio filled covered in silver leaf morcels and some fried melt in the mouth swirls. Well there’s nothing left to say, this is what you need in days like these…


I’ve updated my Etsy shop with cards from some of my original illustrations. The original works are mixed-media and collage with lots of textured layers.

I’ve been working on some new designs which I will post in a short while.