Bologna book fair

The time has come for yet another book fair in Bologna.

Lots of things to do before going; my portfolio is looking varied and feels very heavy! I hope to meet interesting people as usual and to plant some seeds for the times to come…

I’ll keep you posted.

A day out

I went to the small town of Ironbridge, in Shropshire, for a lazy afternoon stroll.

Spring is certainly in the air! Finally.

I really liked Gaynor Peskin’s window displays of these funny looking pigs having tea. These fellows are made of sewn hessian with bits of felt, proper wigs and other funky bits. They look like classy pirates anchored for a day having a lot to eat…

They made me smile.

Painting on wood

I’ve been painting on wooden panels these last few days. It ‘s a lovely surface to use, you can get interesting textures and effects with chalky acrylic paints.

I painted a subject I had done before with fabric collage inspired by Aboriginal painting. They’re two amphibians, they could be frogs, salamanders or even some reptiles like lizards, Who knows…

I called it Conversation.