Frescoes at the Eden project

These are a few pictures I took on my last visit to the Eden project in Cornwall. The Eden project is a wonderful set of huge greenhouses built on the site of a 160-year-old exhausted china clay quarry.

On the upper level of the tropical rain forest environment they placed a set of fantastic frescoes depicting mythological scenes. It gets really hot up there, but on the way down you can get refreshment of baobab fruit juice in a glass which is absolutely yummy…

Lise and Lotte

My chickens

I’ve always wanted some chickens to roam free in my garden. People have dreams, this is mine. I would like a couple of hens but then I wonder: what should I get?

Bamptoms are small and lay tiny eggs, but they are cute and good natured and keep you good company while you’re working. Don’t  really know…

In the meantime I decided to paint my ideal carefree chickens and for the moment that will have to do.

I called the white one Lise and the blue one Lotte in honour of some girlfriends I had in Germany many years ago. Never mind one is a cockerel. I thought Lotte sounded appropriate for a fantasy bird.

I wish it was summer…

It is so gloomy right now! Grey sky, grey river. Even the ducks stick together for comfort.

Memories from last summer haunt me. An empty deck chair waiting for its favourite companion  ( myself of course) and the delicious cakes we make and eat with such pleasure…

My lovely chair

So delicious


Wonderful place

I’m back from Paris, what a glorious place it is. I spent some lovely time with my good friend and adopted Parisian, the beautiful and talented Beatrice, looking at things with eyes full of wonder.

The city feels like an artistic collection of displays, vibrant and full of inspiring corners. It’s funky when it wants to be and elegant by nature. I’ve found a street full of African hairdressers with their window displays full of all kinds of wigs and quarters full of stylish shops and delicious food that tastes as good as it looks.

Theatrical magic

Chocolate boxes and candies

Hans Christian Andersen

I found this beautiful book in a second hand bookshop about the Danish writer, famous for his romantic fairy tales, exploring his less known side as a sketch and paper cut artist.

The book is full of  pencil sketches and details about his life, but what really stands out is his paper cuts. He was very tall and slim and apparently he had very large hands. So he made himself some special scissors which he used to create these outstanding silouhettes, exceptional and full of character.

He would cut through the paper like a magician, entertaining the children of friends and a much older audience.