Vintage fair

I met my friend Ann at the vintage fair in Shrewsbury this Saturday.

It was fun, the place was packed with things mainly from the ’60 s and ’70 s: clothes, toys, kitchen stuff among other things. There was even an hairdresser to style your hair to the period you wanted… Groovy

Hope they do it again next month, I’ll make sure this time to bring a bit more cash…

Me and Ann

Rosette for a new born baby

I worked on a new commission last week for a new born baby.

It’s a decorative rosette to be hung at the nursery door to welcome him to this world and wish him happiness for all his life.

It’s so nice and refreshing to work on a project like this, so I gathered all my vintage mattress ticking for the flowered shape rosette and found some nice ribbons that I left dangling from the flower head.

I hope it will soothe the baby to sleep quietly at night…

Baby flower rosette

Sign for new shop

Sign images

Vintage shop in Shrewsbury

There’s a new bug in the town of Shrewsbury these days, it’s called vintage. Shops are opening up, fairs are taking place every month. It’s really incredible and very hard to resist.

My favourite shop is called ehm… Vintage, located in one of the most atmospheric and steep streets in town. It’s owned by a nice couple, Lulu and Tristan.
You can find almost anything there from antique dolls to quirky baskets, German tins, handbags and furniture.

I’ve been asked to make a small sign for them with some flowers and painted on a nice piece of oak. Lots and lots of layers of varnish later and the sign went up. Very pleased with it!