The essence of the forest

The wrong party

Some watercolour sketch from my new project. I love drawing bears, I don’t know why really. I once saw a black  bear from a distance and while walking through a forest in BC Canada I saw their blueberry coloured poop scattered everywhere… It was quite fresh and so I kept weary and alert and it was such a nice feeling to feel their precence.: they are so distinctive and special. They really are the essence of the forest.



I’ve  finally decided to join Pinterest. I thought it was going to be another commitment: really do we need anymore things to follow these days? Maybe not but this is really good. A window to your world, a visually beautiful dreamland and certainly a great comunication tool. It’s still a work in progress but I’m very happy how it’s coming along. Many things I love are there and please have a look at it. I’ve also added a pin button on my images in this blog, old and new. Pin the ones you like  but please be sensible and don’t forget this is my work…

This image above is called ‘The fish line’ and it is something I’m working on at the moment involving the colour blue and some characters revolving around it. More I can’t say…

Studio visit

I spent sometime in my old house at the weekend and couldn’t help but notice how nice my old studio was. Light, spacious, messy but I really loved it… Such an inspiring and creative space. Here is a picture before it got empty and became just a room in the house…Studio-visit

A handful of hearts

HeartsI’m working on a new project which involves a lot of stitching, cloth, narrative and certainly a lot of imagination … A good receipe for beauty as beauty can be found in the smallest things and I like small things like these hearts I made that can be found in this nice shop and that set me on the right path for new ideas…Good ideas often come by rotating crops, contaminating things and getting upset over a stitch that’s not straight or an image so lovely an possible in your head but so terribly cliche or strange when you try to make it real…

A fungi galore and a strange creature

A-fungi-galoreIt feels more like autumn than real winter these days and I’m sure the woods somewhere out there must be full of good stuff ready to be picked up. I love wild mushrooms ( I wouldn’t eat these ones I’m not silly) but I’m not an expert and so I’d rather stick to needlefelting. These ones are certainly safe and will last for a long time… The owl likes them too!Owly

Woodland creatures

Woodland-creaturesWinter is coming really fast. I made these creatures inspired by the beautiful autumnal colours and their hidden creatures. I know they’re there, in their dens stocking up for winter but only magpies and crows are visible these days… You can discover these woolly creatures  in my shop.