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I’ve only been to Eastern Europe once and that was in Hungary and I absolutely loved it. I grew up with folk culture from all over Europe but it has always been the eastern European one that has struck a special cord with me. It’s in the colours, the melancholy, the general spirit that pervades this tradition. I really can’t explain and don’t quite know but I was happy to see, on this recent trip to Poland, that there is a renaissance, a rediscovery of this beautiful land. I really wasn’t expecting it. Wonderful food, amazing exhibitions, great bookshops and architectural beauty restored to its glory but not over-polished like it often happens here in the UK or in other richer European countries. If only I could have mastered the language, just a little bit. Really hard… Here are some of the images I came back with which will inspire me for a long time, I’m sure.MeWindowsKrakow1FoodLovely restaurantsKrakow2Wooden architecturechurchChurchesOpen museumGreat exhibitionsShows

A fungi galore and a strange creature

A-fungi-galoreIt feels more like autumn than real winter these days and I’m sure the woods somewhere out there must be full of good stuff ready to be picked up. I love wild mushrooms ( I wouldn’t eat these ones I’m not silly) but I’m not an expert and so I’d rather stick to needlefelting. These ones are certainly safe and will last for a long time… The owl likes them too!Owly

Ripe and delicious

Cherries-and-strawberriesFinally the strawberries have ripened up nicely. The sun has been strong in these last few days and it only took three days for the berries to be ready to be eaten. The expectations were high but we were not disappointed… Simply lovely: full of flavour and with an indescribable scent of wild strawberries . The strawberry saga will continue…Strawberry--cake

Of Swedish illustrations and Bologna

Easter in Bologna

Beautiful porticoes in Bologna and gorgeous food shops, a bit overpriced but aesthetically rewarding. Traditional and yet trendy: an irresistible blend.

The magical thing about the book fair this year were the Swedish illustrators. Absolutely beautiful and with a style of their own: light and gentle, soft and sophisticated. What a discovery! I particularly liked Klara Persson‘s book Molly and Sus. A story about two sisters joined together by a very long braid and their natural  separation and independence. Gorgeous illustrations with amazing colours and use of gouache, I think.

Klara Persson

jockum nordström-Ida Björs

jockum nordström and Ida Björs