HappyHappy is one of the original fabric collages I made recently and is hanging in the sun today. It’s so rare to feel happy but when the sun is shining it gets a little bit easier to feel that tickling inside, so misterious and so volatile…

Natural cards

Set 1Set 2Set 3New cards in the shop today. New designs and since, at the moment, I’m working a lot with the needle and thread I’ve created these patchwork style designs with all natural vintage fabrics and old denim using white felt for each of the lettering. Obviously they’re aimed at new born babies, small children and the everlasting child that’s inside us depicting a mood or a feeling. The bear is a Happy Birthday card and the folk art counting dolls, well they’re just counting… All cards are printed on a really nice paper and come with a lovely kraft paper envelope to complete the natural feel.

Worn out

Like this doll I need rest. This is me ( with a crooked smile and a much wanted perm ) after a long weekend of clearing out my lovely old home and getting it ready for welcoming guests. Tired-doll

Stitching away

Lovely blue skies out there. I moved my work to the sunniest room in the house and although messy it feels light and airy. Whenever I go it’s the same old story. Threads, bits everywhere but who cares… Here is something I made out of an old silk scarf and other bits from everywhere. I called it Pueblo in honour of all the people in the world. The shape, long and thin and the warm colours remind me of hot climate and beautiful dark skin. It’s all hand stitched and hangs from a soft piece of leather. It can be used as a teapot/mug stand and when you’re done you can hang it and enjoy it on a wall. I really like it and will sell it together with other fabric things very soon.Hanging

Sunny studios

Lovely days here in Oxfordshire. Sunny, bright full of interesting things to see. New births. This time swans and their cygnets. Beautiful parents: attentive and friendly. So elegant. It is art studios month in May and we visited lots of great studios, nosing in people’s homes is wonderful… Chatting about art is fun and meeting great people gives strength to what you do. SwansCignetsBotleyStudio-in-the-garden

Outside inside

OutsideI’ve been working on new projects involving a lot of stitching and sewing. Sewing is so relaxing and meaningful to me. I really love patterns developing in my hands. When you make something out of cloth it feels like looking through a kaleidoscope with colours and shapes emerging sometime out of nowhere: it’s  the only type of geometry I understand. Really…  It was also time for a bit of spring cleaning. Opening windows, washing old curtains. Domestic life it’s good if it’s for a purpose. Spiders run away now when they see me… They’re tough though and will come back!  The garden looks beautiful. Green and full of black birds. This big bird I made ( hiding behind the foliage) is here to stay. It will never fledge as it was born big, too big for taking off…My new cards are almost ready and I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I’ll post them here very soon.

Spring happenings

Hello there. Sorry for my absence. If anyone noticed I’ve been away for a few weeks busy with spring cleaning my lovely old home. So back and forth: with a brush on my left hand and a brain full of brilliant ideas that don’t always work. Never mind: big and small changes in the house and it feels nice to be back in my cozy home for a while. As the house is by the river births occur and these ducklings were born just a few days before I saw them for the first time. They were thirteen in total and two days after I only saw five of them. Let’s hope someone pinched them and took them home… Don’t want to think of anything sad at the moment.

New cards will be in my shop soon and other new things coming up as well


A day in London

What do you do in London in a day on a Saturday? Well lots of things and in the end begging for more. Flowers in the trees were in bloom and they were an unusual contrast against the milky sky. Lots of lovely shops selling all sort of things: from beautiful and tasty pastries at Lisboa pastellaria on Golbourne to the wonderful antique shops selling old and interesting furniture. We found a stylish material shop, we really liked, selling great linens and upholstery fabrics at very good prices with inspiring colours and stylish displays. Then down to overpriced Portobello road. Lots of things caught my eye but nothing so special I couldn’t live without… But hey I will go back very soon.London2Linens